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What is Happy Melly?

We believe that Happiness is the Future of Work. Happy Melly is a social entrepreneurship network of individuals and small businesses dedicated to making that a reality. We focus on fostering a community of job satisfaction and employee motivation and engagement. Everyone should enjoy what they do and where they work and Happy Melly is committed to spreading the happiness and inspiring its community. (Read more…)

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What does Happy Melly do?

Happy Melly provides a platform to Connect, Collaborate and Create with a like minded community. It provides the opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders, to learn from each other, gain access to exclusive content and most of all it allows us to share stories, experiences and ideas while learning best practices from one another. Through books, guides, events and coaching, Happy Melly helps people become happier and more fulfilled in their every day lives. (Read more…)

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Recent Blog Posts

how-to-ask-good-questions 5 TED talks on asking questions to be a better leader by Jennifer Riggins - That old adage about our two ears and one mouth may have led us to roll our eyes at our parents one too many times, but it stands to reason. If you ask management influencer and professor Gianpiero Petriglieri, we are reducing leadership down to an MBA-sized set of skills which is causing disconnect between leaders and followers. Instead managers and educators -- and managers in their roles as educators --Petriglieri says we should put continue (Read more...)
podcast-birthday-chocolate What is Happiness? Happy Melly Founder, Jurgen Appelo tells all – Live from his book tour by Andy Cleff - Sam speaks candidly with Jurgen, about the secret to happiness, his upcoming birthday and how to implement the 12 Steps to Happiness in your daily life - all live from his Managing for Happiness book tour. “You might be happy momentarily if you achieve what you wanted, but that might become the new normal...That is then the new baseline and you want something else. What’s next? It never stops. That is the danger with people (Read more...)
happy-melly-members How to ‘give’ a Happy Melly membership by Jennifer Riggins - We all know people who hate their jobs. And we all know people who would love to say 'I love my job!' We want job satisfaction for our friends because not only does it make them happier, maybe they'll become more positive influences in our lives. There's no doubt that both happiness and unhappiness are contagious. I talk to a lot of friends who are interested in finding happiness at work. And I also have (Read more...)

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