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What is Happy Melly?


We believe that Happiness is the Future of Work. Happy Melly is a global social entrepreneurship network of individuals and small businesses dedicated to making that a reality. We are an exclusive network of only 300 members focusing on fostering a community of job satisfaction and employee motivation and engagement. Everyone should enjoy what they do and where they work and Happy Melly is committed to spreading the happiness and inspiring its community.

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What do people say about Happy Melly?

With Happy Melly you get to take the ideas you understood and decide how you’re going to lay them out from the books and talks and see how you can incorporate them into existing organizations.

What does Happy Melly do?


Happy Melly provides a platform to Connect, Collaborate and Create with a like minded community. It provides the opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders, to learn from each other, gain access to exclusive content and most of all it allows us to share stories, experiences and ideas while learning best practices from one another. Through books, guides, events and coaching, Happy Melly helps people become happier and more fulfilled in their every day lives.

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