What is Happy Melly?

Happy Melly is a professional network with a shared purpose. We are a global network of businesses and individuals dedicated in some way to helping people become happier at work.

Job satisfaction doesn’t have to be a myth. We believe that happiness is the future of work and that we can make a living while not losing out on life. We are coaches, creatives, authors, speakers, managers, teammates and entrepreneurs.

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Through collaboration and aligning ourselves in social entrepreneurship, we are not only able to increase our cooperative impact, but we also give value, attention and credibility to each entity involved. Working together, we can grow both our collective business objective and our individual ones.

What does Happy Melly do?

Happy Melly brings together people, services and small business resources that offer advice and strategies about how to be happy at work. We hold virtual and in-person workshops, we publish blogs, guides, books, tools, and videos, and we look for ways to help each other succeed.

We work to create an innovative work environment where you can have fun and make money, all while making a difference in the world. Each Happy Melly funder brings her own business model and entrepreneurial skills and can take advantage of the prestige, press, and positivity in her own way.

We love to share stories of how people are becoming happier, more engaged and more productive at work. And we teach you how to motivate your employees and learn what makes people happy and how to make yourself happy.

We also support other organizations that share in the dedication to helping people be happier. Read about some of the amazing projects that Happy Melly supports.

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How can Happy Melly help me?

Improve happiness and engagement at your work by applying the techniques, advice and examples our network offers. It’s minimum effort, for maximum engagement. You just have to be ready for change. And if you’re here, you probably already are.

Find out more about the brands and products that can get you started on the road to happiness.

As an unhappy worker you can also start to take control of your own happiness at work. Everyone can be empowered to spread happiness. Our methods and experiments are for everyone. After all, who better to take control of your future happiness, than you?

At Happy Melly we understand that Happiness is a Path, not a Destination. And we’re looking for entrepreneurs and supporters to take that journey with us.

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Happy Melly. From becoming part of our network and sharing your products and ideas to improve happiness in the workplace; to experimenting with our techniques in your own workplace. Find out how you can get involved.

Learn more about the benefits of joining the Happy Melly network.

Where is Happy Melly?

We like to believe Happy Melly can be found anywhere people are smiling at their day job. While we are still far from that ideal, Happy Melly is a completely global and distributed team of people dedicated to spreading joy.

But, who is Melly?

Melly Shum Hates Her JobThe Dutch city of Rotterdam gained a focal point in 1990 when Canadian artist Ken Lum put up this large image of a bespectacled woman word processing at her desk alongside the text “Melly Shum Hates Her Job.” This public art work became the inspiration for the Happy Melly founders (and our hipster logo!), wanting to help contribute to a world where unhappy workers like Melly Shum no longer exist.

On February 25, 2013, Happy Melly was born. It was and continues to be an experimental social entrepreneurship democracy, growing, adapting and changing where the collective sees fit.

UPDATE: More than a decade after this artwork inspired him, Jurgen Appelo recently got to meet Ken Lum in person in Philadelphia. And then our Sam got to interview Ken on the Happy Melly podcast. And then read our colleague Andy’s post about he and Jurgen meeting Ken and just what this artist thinking when he created this enigmatic advertising that inspired a movement.

Make it your mission to create a happy, productive workforce. Join Happy Melly today!

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(image by Bert Werk)

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