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Happy Melly is global network of businesses and individuals dedicated to a shared purpose: helping people become happier at work.

Our Funders — coaches, creative workers, authors, speakers, managers, teammates and entrepreneurs — publish on their own blogs, as well as often on our own! Happy Melly has collected a feed of their recent posts below for your enjoyment in hopes that it’ll help you learn employee engagement tricks and other ways to increase happiness at work.

  • LCM Podcast 13 – Sociocracy with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
    We underestimate the importance of psychological safety, and meaningful conversations when it comes to running our organizations. In this episode, Jerry Koch-Gonzalez explains the 3 structures of sociocracy, why organizations are choosing it, how they’re getting stuck, and what’s getting them past those sticking points. Our topics include: what is ... read more
    Published on 21 Feb 2017 By Jason Little
  • LCM Podcast 12 – Agile Change Management Lessons from the Field
    Nowadays, the word agile has baggage. Despite the amount of information out there, some still think agile means no planning, no process, and no documents. If you feel you have an agile mindset, it can be extremely difficult to work with those who “don’t get it”. If you look at ... read more
    Published on 14 Feb 2017 By Jason Little
  • cocondi organisiert erstes Management 3.0 Gathering
    „Austausch von Menschen über ihre Erfahrungen mit Management 3.0 Ideen, Prinzipien und vor allem Praktiken“, das ist das Ziel dieses Events, das am 23. März in Frankfurt stattfindet.   Geboren aus der Idee, ehemalige Teilnehmer von eigenen Management ... read more
    Published on 29 Jan 2017 By Jürgen Dittmar
  • How to Sprint after the Olympics (Growth Hacking Edition)
    How to Sprint after the Olympics (Growth Hacking Edition) 6th September 2016 Share Daniel Ludwig Social ... read more
    Published on 06 Sep 2016 By Daniel Ludwig

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