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Happy Melly is global network of businesses and individuals dedicated to a shared purpose: helping people become happier at work.

Our Funders — coaches, creative workers, authors, speakers, managers, teammates and entrepreneurs — publish on their own blogs, as well as often on our own! Happy Melly has collected a feed of their recent posts below for your enjoyment in hopes that it’ll help you learn employee engagement tricks and other ways to increase happiness at work.

  • Alternatives to Change Management Certifications
    In 1998 I became an HP Certified Printer Repair person because I demonstrated the ability to replace PIU;s (Paper Input Units) at an alarming speed. It’s also been about 15 years since I received my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) designation for using Microsoft Front Page. Funny thing is, I’m ... read more
    Published on 10 Jan 2017 By Jason Little
  • The Change Before the Change
    In a recent post, I wrote about how to apply Agile techniques to change readiness assessments by using Perspective Mapping. What happens when there is the desire for change, but the organization isn’t ready? Further, what if the perception that the organization isn’t ready is simply my perspective? As much as ... read more
    Published on 28 Nov 2016 By Jason Little
  • How to Sprint after the Olympics (Growth Hacking Edition)
    How to Sprint after the Olympics (Growth Hacking Edition) 6th September 2016 Share Daniel Ludwig Social ... read more
    Published on 06 Sep 2016 By Daniel Ludwig
  • The Power of Conversations to Build Better Companies
    The Power of Conversations to Build Better Companies 31st July 2015 Andrea Darabos Enterprise Lean Startup | Growth | Innovation | ... read more
    Published on 31 Jul 2016 By Andrea Darabos

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