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There are plenty of reasons to join Happy Melly. First and foremost, Happy Melly has a great purpose: increasing job satisfaction and employee motivation, all while learning how to make yourself happy. We are a small team, who are aiming to make a BIG impact on global worker happiness and, with your help, we can make it happen. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?!

At Happy Melly you’ll connect, collaborate and create with a global community of more than 300 individuals, each committed to changing the future of work! This is a platform to learn and share with experts and thought leaders from around the world to improve best practices and increase happiness in the workplace.

Happy Melly has two main types of supporters:

1: Individuals who try to enact change within their organization or who look to make a difference. Early adopters. Those who are looking to connect with like-minded people and potential customers

2: Those looking for support from like-minded people to feel like they’re not alone. People who want to learn ways to improve happiness in their own work and those that are looking to make a drastic change and need support and ideas as to how to do it.

What do Happy Melly Supporters have to Gain?

  • Community of like-minded people to share ideas, experiment and bounce new initiatives off of
  • Receive feedback from others in the same spheres
  • Access to innovators and experts to learn from them
  • Increased learning from a strong, intelligent and open-minded community
  • Sense of belonging
  • Opportunity to nurture fresh ideas and to find projects, partners, partnerships and collaborators for projects and business
  • Happy Melly team facilitators on hand to: Foster and fuel discussions, connect individuals with other supporters and funders who might be worthwhile to speak with, facilitate blog and podcast initiatives to help increase brand exposure
  • A place to experiment and to share experiments in happiness at work with candid feedback.
  • Access to exclusive content from Happy Melly members

What are our Supporters Saying?

I can discuss my problems and thoughts with people who face the same issues and with those who are interested in the same topics. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one dealing with these problems at work. The Happy Melly community has helped me a lot with that.

Nikoletta Tatar, Agile Coach and Scrum Master at AionHill

Happy Melly has helped me learn that there are no boundaries to change. I used to be afraid of change but now my mindset is different as I’ve learned that a transformation can greatly help you improve. I now realize that change is good and that there are no limits.

Ricardo Fernandes, Product Owner at Bi-Bright

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“It’s pretty simple why I joined Happy Melly–it’s because I want to make people happy! During maternity leave, I had time to think and grow my ideas. I put together my knowledge and education within several areas and I’m working on improving stress management for knowledge workers. Not only from an individual point of view but also from an organizational one. Well, and to do so I need a network, to bring my ideas to live but also to share with other.

Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller, coach in the Healthcare Informatics sector


Our supporters make a token annual contribution. The minimum is based on your country of residence and its gross domestic product/capita value. You can contribute the minimum, the suggested fee, or even a higher level–we’ll love you any way!

Keep in mind that part of your investment will go to supporting other organizations dedicated to spreading joy, not just in the workplace, but in life. See who have already benefited from memberships fees on our Who We Support page.

(Payment is by credit card only.)

Supporter Annual Contribution Levels

minimum fee suggested fee
Top 10 countries (by GDP/capita) € 25 € 50
Top 25 countries (by GDP/capita) € 20 € 40
Top 50 countries (by GDP/capita) € 15 € 30
Top 100 countries (by GDP/capita) € 10 € 20
All other countries (by GDP/capita) € 5 € 10

Become a Supporter

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