Weekly Happiness Challenge

What would it look like if happiness at work became as much a regular part of our healthy routine as working out?

HappyMelly_WeeklyChallenge-01At Happy Melly we decided to find out! And we invite you to take on our newest experiment!

Each week we’ll feature a new ‘Happiness Challenge’ focusing on innovative ideas and creative ways in which to implement happiness into our daily lives and our offices. Each week will feature:

How can you get involved?

  • Start by joining Happy Melly(if you’re not already, it’s only costs a couple cups of coffee a year!)
  • Join the discussion on Slack
  • Propose an idea for a weekly challenge (any Happy Melly member can spearhead a week!)
  • Write a blog about your experience participating in the challenge or sharing your experiences on the topic
  • Encourage friends to join the discussion on social media
  • Participate in our public online chats where we look back on each week, share our experiments and lessons learned

Weekly Happiness Challenge Schedule 2017

Jan. 9-16, 2017: We kick off our month of Entrepreneurship with PERSONAL BRANDING, led by eBranding Ninja Jennifer Riggins
Each day, a 15-minute or less branding challenge, with community feedback.

Jan. 16-23, 2017: BUILDING YOUR STARTUP’S FUTURE by Happy Melly funder and founder of Workshop Butler Sergey Kotlov
Listen to Sergey’s company journey. 

Jan. 23-30, 2017: TRANSITIONAL STARTUP BRANDING led by career-changing consultancy We Love Mondays

In February we will continue counting down the 12 ways to happiness with wellness weeks, focused on Eating Well, Exercising, Getting Rest and Helping Others.

In March, Learning 3.0 will be leading us through a month of changing the way we learn and facilitate learning.

In April, Management 3.0 facilitators will be leading us through challenges to improve employee engagement.

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Our 2016 Weekly Challenge Schedule

Each Happiness Challenge week will begin Thursday afternoon and run until the following Thursday. Each week is spearheaded by one or more Happy Melly members who will lead discussions and experiments around the theme.

Sept. 1-8, 2016: PURPOSE, led by Jurgen Appelo, founder of Management 3.0
Read the review of the week, including blog, podcast and video wrap-up here!

Sept. 8-15, 2016: BETTER COMMUNICATION, led by Sam Mednick & Jennifer Riggins, Happy Melly Team
You can still sign the Social Media Positivity PledgeRead the review of the week, including blog, podcast and video wrap-up here!

Sept. 15-22, 2016: HAPPINESS AT WORK FROM ANYWHERE, led by Lisette Sutherland, founder of Collaboration Superpowers
Read four main reasons people choose remote work, listen to Sam interview Lisette in our podcast and learn how member Christian organizes a 100 percent remote software team.

Sept. 22-29, 2016: HOW TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE, led by Andy Cleff, Happy Melly Team
Learn all about ways to say thank you with our blogpost, web chat and podcast.

Sept. 29-Oct. 6, 2016: THE ART OF GIVING, led by Patrick Verdonk, Happy Melly Team
Read and join Patrick’s Giving Challenge, then listen to listen to the Power of Giving with Bob Burg

Oct. 6-Oct. 13, 2016: THE AGILE MINDSET, led by Robie Wood, founder of ImprovAgility
Listen and read how to build this agile mindset.

Oct. 13-Oct. 20, 2016: EMPATHY, led by Jason Little, founder of Lean Change Management
Learn how to see things from a different perspective

Oct. 20-Oct. 27, 2016: RESPECT, led by Ryan Lockard, Happy Melly member, lean and agile change agent. 
Dive into this week’s ‘Which came first? Respect or great products?‘ debate

Oct. 27-Nov. 3, 2016: FAMILY-LIFE BALANCE, led by Sarah Baca & Durgesh Kumar Mishra, both Happy Melly members and agile coaches
Share your work-life balance tales for the upcoming ebook. 

Nov. 3-Nov. 10, 2016: DAILY HAPPINESS MAPPING, led by Giovanni Battista Pozza, entrepreneur, user experience coach and agile coach
Learn to map your own happiness!

Nov. 10-Nov. 17, 2016: GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, led by Paul Holden, agile coach
Are you ready to enter the uncomfortable zone?

Nov. 17-Nov. 24, 2016: THE HUMAN CONNECTION, led by Christian Delez, agile and lean culture coach
Read about how freedom drives this human connection.

Nov. 28-Dec. 5, 2016: THE ART OF GIVING, PART II, led by Patrick Verdonk, Sam MednickJennifer Riggins, from the Happy Melly team
Read how random acts of kindness reflect company values. And sign up for our bimonthly newsletter and receive the ebook of Giving composed of stories of generosity shared by the Happy Melly community.

Dec. 5-Dec. 12, 2016: TRUST & VULNERABILITY, led by Joshua Briggs, agile coach
Are you ready to experiment with vulnerability

Dec. 12-Dec. 19, 2016: SELF-ORGANIZATION, led by Fabio Frascella, Scrum master & agile coach
How to get started with self-organization

Dec. 19, 2016: Our Month of Giving & Trust’s Wrap-up Chat followed by our Members Only Holiday Party! We’re going to dress festively, play trust games and reflect on a great year of Happy Melly membership! AND DANCE!



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