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Happy Picture of Occhio in AmsterdamHappiness at work is NOT a myth.  Two years ago, Happy Melly was established as a project by Jurgen Appelo and colleagues, who saw there wasn’t enough happiness the in the workplace and wanted to change it.

Statistics showed that only 48% of workers in the US were ‘satisfied’ in their job and as we wrote in our 12 Steps to Worker Happiness article, being satisfied doesn’t necessarily mean being happy, engaged, or even motivated at work. When employees are happy, productivity levels rocket. We feel happier, we work harder: it’s a win-win situation for employees and managers.

After two years and indispensable support from core Happy Melly activists Lisette Sutherland, Sergey Kotlov and Vasco Duarte, Happy Melly started to make waves. Jurgen Appelo published his book #Workout and together they were being recognized as compelling resources to find worker motivation and engagement techniques.

Encouraged by such positive feedback, at the beginning of 2015 Happy Melly got a team together, tasked to use their skills: marketing, content writing, video production, web development, illustration and accounting, to shout the message even louder, even further.

The results have been tremendous. We have been able to collaborate, share and learn with a multitude of people all over the world, who also believe that happiness is the future of work and wanted to help make our purpose a reality; to be part of the future.

Meeting so many positive and entrepreneurial thinking individuals and businesses led the Happy Melly team to set up a global network of supporters. A group of individuals and businesses who wanted to collaborate with our team to explore ways to introduce happiness in workplaces all over the world, including their own. The network benefits everybody who wants to discover methods for increasing employee motivation and job satisfaction, or who want to share their own knowledge and experiments with the world.

100 Happy Melly Members

A few months on and we are super excited to announce that we have more than 100 members in the Happy Melly network. 100 awesome individuals and businesses who are collaborating on our mission to stamp out the belief that happiness in the workplace doesn’t exist. Over the next month, we’ll be celebrating this first milestone with a host of super fun events for our wonderful supporters. We’ll share the fun right here!

One of the best ways to help people be happier at work is to run experiments in the workplace and celebrate the success and failure; because of course we learn from both. And our members are a forward-thinking community, who have been undertaking some experiments of their own.

We’ll also be sharing those experiments on the Happy Melly blog. Spotlighting their experiences, so Happy Melly followers (like you) can trial innovative ideas to improve employee motivation, engagement and productivity in your organization. They’ll appear under Happy Melly Experiments, so keep checking back to see what great ideas are born from a desire to improve company culture and values.

If you would like to collaborate, share or just learn ways to improve happiness at work, join the Happy Melly global network. We welcome all new recruits to the Happiness revolution!

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