What is Happy Melly?

Happy Melly is a Global Professional Happiness Association dedicated to helping people be happier at work. 

As part of this global organization, our members have access to experts and influencers in their respective fields as well as information, feedback and advice, mentors and a breadth of both public and exclusive resources at their fingertips.

We strive to connect like-minded individuals and organizations and provide them with access to practical, insightful and tangible resources — all of which focus on what it takes find the way to happiness, job satisfaction, professional development and to leading productive and fulfilling lives in meaningful work environments.

As a global organization and professional body, we’ve built a strong, vibrant community of individuals who care about living purposeful and engaging lives. Our global organization consists of authors, coaches, speakers, managers, teammates, creative workers, companies and entrepreneurs who genuinely care about fostering happiness in the workplace.

As a professional body we want to make job satisfaction the new norm!

It’s been said by people in our community that our association is:

Easier and better than Google to find answers to their questions

As transparency is super important to us, we wanted to clarify what you will and won’t get when you become a member of the Happy Melly Global Professional Happiness Association.

Become a Member

What do you get by becoming a member?


  • Engage with a vibrant, like-minded community of almost 1000 people from 52 countries dedicated to being happy at work and helping others find job satisfaction
  • Membership in a professional organization with a shared purpose and vision
  • Foster and contribute to a community of professionals and partners in a diverse, global, and welcoming environment


  • Exclusive, valuable content including, curated, informative summaries from conversations and challenge weeks and intimate access to industry influencers in our monthly thought leadership chats
  • Access to an exclusive Slack community with insightful, useful, practical and proactive discussions and tips from our professional body of change agents and entrepreneurs
  • Happiness job board to discover potential job offers
  • Stay up to date with industry trends
  • Access to other members and a listing in the membership directory of professionals, showing your public commitment to happiness at work


  • Opportunities to launch initiatives and to organize events
  • On-hand editors to write blogs promoting your brand and/or business
  • Support in brand and business promotion by our Happy Melly crew through our various social media channels
  • Access to workshops and events
  • A chance to enable learning and build knowledge through experimentation and discussions
  • Access to successful managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who will act as sounding boards for projects and endeavours
  • A chance to request feedback and to experiment in a safe, supportive environment of professionals

What you will not get

  • Legal counsel
  • Certificates and awards
  • Annual conference
  • Business solutions such as consultancy or research services

Become a Member