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Happiness at Work Matters. When we achieve greater job satisfaction it has a huge impact on the productivity of our workers. The Happy Melly Business Network brings together videos, podcast, blogs, work life balance tips, and other valuable resources for entrepreneurs, managers and individuals who want to inspire happiness in their organization. So hopefully “I love my job” will become the new normal.

How to create your own learning tool

“The people here are paid to work, not to learn.” Maybe you don’t hear it at your work (lucky you) but that is something easy to hear inside some organisations where there is a mindset of dividing thinking people (managers) from executing people (workers). However, in twenty-first century market dynamics, there is no way anymore […]

No Agenda! A Learning 3.0 experiment

No Agenda! A Learning 3.0 experiment

Teaching a new brand concept can be a much easier task than revisiting tried and tested subjects. People don’t have any preconceptions and are eager to assimilate a new idea. In many cases, when you teach a new concept, resistance is minimal. Sounds easy? Actually it’s not always as straightforward as the above scenario. Presenting […]

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