Podcast: How to Influence People with Bob Burg

Jurgen Appelo speaks with Bob Burg. Author of the Endless Referrals Happy Melly Founder, Jurgen Appelo speaks with Bob Burg. Author of the Endless Referrals and the The Go-Giver and the Go-Giver Leader, they talk about the spirit of team collaboration, how to control your emotions and what it takes to be a powerful and respected influencer. 

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  1. As for the Fukushima Diary, it was spawned by Indian ancnliut-ear site Dianuke, and is run by Iori Mochizuki who rants about Japan turning right wing and promotes OWS. This is the Asian far left with its own agenda that has nothing to do with public safety.

    Comment by Jaylen on April 26, 2017 at 11:18 AM

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