Become a Happy Melly Sponsor

Scale your business and become a leader of our happy at work business network.

Happy Melly is a Professional Happiness Association with a network of more than 1,000 people dedicated to making happiness at work a reality. We have built a strong online community of like-minded people looking to increase happiness at work while living fulfilling and productive lives. It’s a safe hub for those who want to share ideas, experiment with new practices, learn from industry experts and leverage brand exposure.

The Happy Melly Network has two types of members

  1. Sponsors
  2. Supporters

The goal of Happy Melly is to make job satisfaction the new norm. We do this by empowering our supporters to take more active roles within their companies or to run businesses with the happier future of work in mind. Our sponsors are already pioneers in this space, running international businesses that are somehow dedicated to enhancing this mission and are ready to scale.

Both kinds of members pay annual fees to join, dependent on where they live, which can be found in our Constitution.

Happy Melly collaborates with different types of sponsors

A sponsor is one or more representatives of brand which are dedicated in some way to the future of work and have an international, scalable perspective. These sponsors don’t have to be the head of the brand, but a representative who wants to be active in our virtual community, including joining the close-knit, supportive, proactive meetings exclusive to sponsors.

We’ve grouped our sponsors into four natural categories, but you and your business may be a great fit even if you don’t fall into one of them. What all our sponsors have in common is prioritizing happiness at work with a global vision.

Currently our sponsors fall under one or more of these categories:

  1. Industry experts and major influencers in the happiness at work sphere.
  2. Startups that are dedicated to employee engagement and making happiness at work a reality.
  3. Content creators and providers who license out to coaches who then facilitate happiness at work.
  4. Professional coaching and counseling agencies.

What do sponsors get for taking a more active role in our network?

In return for spreading our mission, strengthening our virtual community, and an annual financial contribution, our sponsors gain:

  • Brand exposure to an established, growing network of like-minded professionals eager to experiment, give feedback and take on new initiatives at work and in their communities.
  • Support for scaling your business from other sponsor entrepreneurs.
  • A more personalized startup incubator with on-hand advisors who are experienced and successful authors, speakers, coaches, change agents and creative networkers.
  • A shared purpose and vision with a growing community.
  • Directly tap into a well of experience regarding public speaking, authoring, self-publishing, content licensing, event organizing, and more.
  • On-hand support from the Happy Melly team, who works to connect sponsors with community members. We work to initiate dialogue and bridge mutually beneficial connections between sponsors and specific supporters. You gain this support without losing your independence.
  • Publishing support and book promotion with access to our globe-spanning contacts among publishers, media relations, and enterprises.
  • New customers and business partners from within the community. Happy Melly brings sponsors’ messages to our supporters and to help to get their representatives involved.
  • Marketing support from our Happy Melly team including advice on optimizing social media, blog posting and editing tips and the opportunity for increased brand exposure through our social media channels, blog, vibrant 600+ member Slack community, podcast, newsletter and other outreach channels.
  • Access to the right environment to build a company with a strong purpose and business model.
  • The chance to help create and be a part of the future of work!

What our sponsors are saying:

“I get to interact and learn from Jurgen, Lisette, Jason, Sergey and the other sponsors as well as the community. As the network grows there are more opportunities for promoting my brand and overall engagement on management topics.” — Robie

“I feel glad to share purpose and vision of happiness at work in Italy and abroad as if Happy Melly was my own company. Thus another value is care, which means that I take care of Happy Melly in a more personal way than if I were a supporter.” — Giovanni

“I want my business to have a purpose and business model. Happy Melly is the right environment for that. With Happy Melly we build a network of people and businesses that help each other achieve a shared purpose: Help Melly be happy at work.” — Vasco

“Thanks to Happy Melly, I can still work as a one-person company, while at the same time I’m part of a multi-person business. I can choose to be alone whenever I want, but I now have a network of peers helping me do better work.” —  Jurgen

How can you become a sponsor?

We are looking for professionals with a shared purpose and a global vision that meet the criteria outlined in our Constitution:

  • Have a clear, publicly defined purpose that aligns with Happy Melly
  • Offer innovative products and/or services that scale globally
  • Generate income with a proven business model
  • Have public endorsements from people about doing good work
  • Inspire with transparency about internal management and operations
  • Have some concrete benefits to offer to members of the network

How Much is it?

It is very important to our Happy Melly team that the fees we ask for our services are fair and easy to bear for all our members worldwide. That is why our membership fees depend on the average GDP level per capita, per country list provided by Central Intelligence Agency, divided into five categories. See complete lists of countries and limits here.

minimum fee suggested fee
Category A € 1000 € 2000
Category B € 800 € 1600
Category C € 600 € 1200
Category D € 400 € 800
Category E € 200 € 400


Like with all good things, the first step is a conversation. Email your interest to info-at-happymelly-dot-com today. Go ahead, tell us why you are interested in supporting this experiment and why you and your business meets this criteria.

Unsure if you want to make this financial commitment yet? Most of our sponsors come from within our community so join as a Happy Melly supporter today!