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Happy Melly is a collection of people hands-on resources to help you learn how to be happy at work and to empower you to help others achieve job satisfaction.  The Happy Melly blog is where our Funders, Supporters and an occasional guest sound off on this topic. It’s filled with work-life balance tips, small business resources, how to motivate employees and find out what makes people happy, and how social entrepreneurship is allowing people finally to say “I Love My Job!” 

‘Serious About Happiness’ Podcast coming soon!

‘Serious About Happiness’ Podcast coming soon!

Get ready for Happy Melly’s ‘Serious About Happiness’ Podcast coming soon. Discover the secrets to living happy, fulfilling lives by listening to thought leaders, influencers, industry experts and to those who have risked it all to create the work-life fusion we all strive to have. Subscribe to our podcasts  

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