Happy Melly’s Constitution

The Happy Melly Constitution is available in this Google Document.


Happy Melly is a network of businesses and individuals that self-organize around one purpose: the pursuit of happiness in work.


Happy Melly is a spontaneous global business, organized by a network of entrepreneurs. Think: cooperative or franchise. Think: an incubator of brilliant ideas all based on our happiness purpose.

At Happy Melly, we’re strong believers that, in a world where networks become social, devices get smart, businesses turn global and people collaborate across the four corners of the globe, it’s the creative and innovative people, who are the ones to make a difference. But in order to be creative and innovative, people need to be happy. That’s where Happy Melly comes in!


HappyMelly_ConsitutionPage_Culture_Bike-01It’s a bleak fact that many people hate their jobs, feeling disempowered in organizations without purpose and so little passion. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs want to help the unhappy workers of the world become happy and live better work-lives. These entrepreneurs offer books, games, apps, videos, workshops, conferences, and much more. They have plenty of ideas to engage and energize workers worldwide.

Until now, these great ideas have been floating around the internet with purpose, but very little opportunity for promotion to those unhappy workers. Why? Because these wonderfully clever and kind businesses are usually small. The entrepreneurs behind them struggle with internationalization, development, marketing, and they come up against legal and financial obstacles across borders. In other words: They are too small to change the world all by themselves.

But wait. Help is at hand. There is a way to be small and act big. Happy Melly is a community for individuals, brands and organizations. We count on our members to contribute in the best way they can. In return, as a network, we offer them assistance, connections, experience and exposure. All of us are small, but together we can act big on a global-level!

The world of work is changing fast. By joining our efforts and working together, we can drive that change. Happy Melly exists to answer the global scaling challenge for entrepreneurs with a passion and a purpose. For those who are making money, while making a difference.


Our core business is helping people be happier in their jobs. This involves, but is in no way limited to: production, translation, and distribution of books, courseware, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and other physical and digital content; development and operation of websites and apps; organizing, hosting, and supporting events; and much more. In short, we’re creating a network for people to bring great ideas to all those unhappy workers.


There are three kinds of membership: Supporters, Funders, and Custodians.


Any individual or organization can apply to become a Supporter of Happy Melly. Each application to become a Supporter needs to be done through the Happy Melly website. The only requirement is the payment of a small annual membership fee. Supporters enjoy a number of benefits, exclusively available to members of the Happy Melly network, which are offered to the network by the Funders.


Any individual or organization can apply to become a Funder of Happy Melly. Funders are members, similar to Supporters, but who pay a proportionately higher annual membership fee. A higher fee, but Funders also enjoy extra benefits, exclusively available to Funders, and which are all offered by other Funders.

Each application to become a Funder needs to be done through the Happy Melly website, or directly via Happy Melly’s Leader. The requirements for Funders are as follows:

  1. Have a clear, publicly defined purpose that aligns with Happy Melly
  2. Offer innovative products and/or services that scale globally
  3. Generate income with a proven business model
  4. Have public endorsements from people about doing good work
  5. Inspire with transparency about internal management and operations
  6. Have some concrete benefits to offer to members of the network

These requirements need to be validated by an Assessor, who is appointed by Happy Melly’s Leader. Applications are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. The final decision about membership as a Funder resides exclusively with the Leader of Happy Melly.


A Custodian is a Funder who actively participates in the development of the Happy Melly network.

A Custodian takes responsibility for one or more areas of the development of the Happy Melly network. Its work is partially compensated through the membership fees. The amount of compensation for each Custodian is determined collectively by Custodians.

A Custodian defines its own targets for the development of the Happy Melly network. The targets are measured and discussed with other Custodians monthly or quarterly depending on the targets.

A Funder can become a Custodian after more than a year of being a Funder and with unanimous votes from existing Custodians. Happy Melly One can vote itself in.

A Custodian loses its status if other Custodians are not satisfied with involvement and progress in the development of the network, engagement, and happiness of its employees, and it shows no improvement. The way that involvement, progress, engagement, and happiness are measured is defined collectively by Custodians.

A Custodian must be financially transparent to its employees, other Custodians, and Funders.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining Happy Melly are considerable and wide-ranging. They’re described and maintained in full on the Happy Melly website.


There is a minimum (but no maximum) fee per Supporter and per Funder/Custodian, no matter whether they are an individual or an organization. The suggested annual fee depends on GDP per country, per capita. Members are allowed to adjust the fee based on their income or revenue:


minimum fee suggested fee
Top 10 countries (by GDP/capita) € 25 € 50
Top 25 countries (by GDP/capita) € 20 € 40
Top 50 countries (by GDP/capita) € 15 € 30
Top 100 countries (by GDP/capita) € 10 € 20
All other countries (by GDP/capita) € 5 € 10



minimum fee suggested fee
Top 10 countries (by GDP/capita) € 1000 € 2000
Top 25 countries (by GDP/capita) € 800 € 1600
Top 50 countries (by GDP/capita) € 600 € 1200
Top 100 countries (by GDP/capita) € 400 € 800
All other countries (by GDP/capita) € 200 € 400


The annual fees paid by members (Supporters, Funders and Custodians) are exclusively used for shared infrastructure and services, such as membership administration, website development and hosting, membership support and helpdesk, and marketing and promotion of the Happy Melly network. There is full transparency amongst all members in terms of monthly income and expenses.


HappyMelly_ConsitutionPage_Leadership_Fish-01The Leader is the head of Happy Melly, responsible for representing the business network to the rest of the world. Each Funder/Custodian must officially and publicly support exactly one person, continuously, who is a willing candidate for the position of Leader of Happy Melly. The actual Leader is elected automatically by counting the amount of support for each candidate among the Funders. As this is a continuous process, leadership is indefinite and may change at any time; when support among the Funders/Custodians in favor of one candidate sways in favor of another.


Management of the Happy Melly network, which includes payment of suppliers and services, is the joint responsibility of the Funders and Custodians. They collaborate in order to get work done, and they decide in a self-organized manner how they are compensated for their work. The Leader of the network makes sure that all management decisions are transparent for members of the network. In case of a conflict of interest between multiple Funders/Custodians, the Leader decides.


By having a name accepted as a Happy Melly brand, a person or organization is able to offer products and services through that brand name via the Happy Melly website. Only products and services that are part of a Happy Melly brand can be represented with the Happy Melly logo. Brands can only be added by Funders and Custodians, not by Supporters. And they can only be added when there is no objection from any other Funder/Custodian. In the case of an objection, the Leader decides. In practice, this means that all brands are accepted by default, unless the Leader agrees with one or more Funders/Custodians that a brand should not be accepted. Similarly, brands may be removed from Happy Melly when the Leader agrees about this with one or more Funders/Custodians.


HappyMelly_ConsitutionPage_Decisions_Vote-01There is no set process for decision-making in the network. Except that all decisions concerning Happy Melly are made by Funders and Custodians. When Funders/Custodians delegate decisions to employees or others, that doesn’t absolve the Funder/Custodians from being ultimately responsible and accountable for those decisions. Funders/Custodians have the responsibility to ask for input from other Funders/Custodians before making any important decisions, and to be transparent about the decisions they make. In case of a conflict of interest between multiple Funders/Custodians, the Leader decides.


To get the network started, the first individual to sign up as a Funder is Jurgen Appelo, author and speaker from The Netherlands. The first organization to sign up as a Funder and Custodian is Happy Melly One, owner of the Management 3.0 courseware, products, and brand.


This Constitution is the supreme document describing the business network of Happy Melly. Any rules inconsistent with it won’t be counted, and the obligations contained in the Constitution must be fulfilled. Any individual or organization signing up as a member agrees to abide by the rules set out in this Constitution, including its succeeding versions, until the moment when membership terminates.


The Constitution may be changed at any time by any Funder or Custodian. However, all updates to the Constitution must conform to the Change Criteria and Change Process, as outlined in this Constitution.

Change Criteria

  • Each proposed change is the simplest possible thing that can work.
  • Each proposed change is neutral towards management & organization within individual organizations.
  • The text is written in easy-to-understand (English) language and terminology.
  • The proposed change is, where possible, accompanied with a suggestion for testing the solution.
  • The proposed change is not in conflict with any other text in the Constitution. If there is a conflict then the proposal must be accompanied with related changes to resolve those conflicts.

Change Process

  • Any member of Happy Melly can offer a proposed change to the Constitution. The proposed change is valid only when all members of the network have been notified of the proposal.
  • A proposed change is made available for a period of 7 days, in which it is open for evaluation, comment and discussion among all members. After this period it becomes a definite change
  • Each definite change is posted for a minimum of three days in which Funders/Custodians are allowed to reject the change.
  • A definite change is implemented when no Funders/Custodians reject the change, or when the Leader vetoes the rejection by Funders/Custodians.
  • An updated Constitution is announced to all members of the Happy Melly Network.

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