My first Hangout on Air: A global discussion with Development Managers

This week, I hosted my first Hangout on Air. The goal was to invite a group of Development Managers together to discuss personal motivation, biggest challenges, favorite resources, and more.

There were six Development Managers participating in the discussion along with Jurgen and Lisette. The exciting thing about Hangouts on Air is that the conversation was being streamed live to the world as it was happening – and now it is uploaded to YouTube for you to watch. And not only was the information interesting and useful, but the conversation was fun and enjoyable as well.

A Development Managers job is to make sure that technical teams get their work done, while at the same time, ensuring that company goals are met. They are often in charge of a different combination of hiring and performance reviews, team accounting, technical support, product development, and process optimization.

We asked what the biggest challenges were for Development Managers and heard that it’s often difficult to be the conduit between the developers and management.

We have to be the conduit between the layers, but instead we end up being a firewall, trying to shield one from the other.

We also heard that it’s challenging to find local people with the necessary skills fast enough.

When asked what the main motivators of the job were, high on the list were learning new things, making stuff that really matters with a team that collaborates well, and having the freedom to make an impact.

And when we asked where Development Managers look to learn… the predominant answer was “read, read, read, and read!” 🙂

To see more than just the highlights, watch the video here. My team will be hosting more conversations in the future. If you’d like to participate or organize a discussion, I would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below or twit me!

Hangout on Air participants included:

  • Daniel Nay (Romania)
  • Gerard Chiva (Spain)
  • James Thomson (United Kingdom)
  • Jorge Luis Heras Quintana (Mexico)
  • Jurgen Appelo (Belgium)
  • Kurt Hausler, and Crooked (Germany)
  • Lisette Sutherland (Netherlands)
  • Marcin Floryan (United Kingdom)

Love, and keep up the good work,

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  1. Really good feature from hangout on Air I didn’t know. Good talk also about behaviors and issues around the world. I am open to participate in the future also.

    Thanks for share this experience and talk.

    Comment by Omar on August 13, 2013 at 5:53 PM

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