Happy Melly Coffee: Answering the ‘right’ questions!

In his article, The Network Effect, Jurgen Appelo discussed how Happy Melly was going through a series of experiments to improve the value of our members network. We have some amazing engagement and interaction through our Happy Melly Slack Channel, with members sharing experiments and experiences in worker happiness and employee engagement. You can find some of them curated in under Happy Melly Experiments and also by visiting our Happy Melly supporters’ profile pages and there are many more on the way.

Our latest initiative, Happy Melly Coffee is an awesome collaboration bringing together Happy Melly members and other like-minded people in a series of video discussions, which aim to cover some of the most frequently asked and – for the most part – unanswered questions on various topics, such as remote working, agile and change management and employee engagement.

The Happy Melly Coffee sessions are the first in a series of collaborative projects that are aimed at improving the value and overall Network Effect for our global worker happiness supporters.

The idea for our Happy Melly Coffee sessions came after Jurgen was asked for the 100th time, “Do we still need managers?”. In Jurgen’s opinion this was just one of many questions that in his humble opinion were the ‘wrong’ questions. He wrote about ‘wrong questions’ in his article, Many people ask the wrong questions. With so many wrong questions continually asked, we decided it was time to create a platform through which people could ask the ‘right’ questions and through open and collaborative discussion we could hopefully come up with some great answers.

Happy Melly Members get the opportunity to put forward any question they would like to have answered. Members add their question they want to discuss to our Happy Melly Coffee Trello Board and everyone gets to vote for the question they want to discuss. However anybody can join the on-air discussion!

How to inspire self-organization amongst teams

The first Happy Melly Coffee session covered the question of “How to inspire self-organization amongst teams.” A great question and discussion topic posed by Management 3.0 facilitator, Arne Ahlander.

If this is a question you have been mulling over in your organization, check out the full session here:

Organizational Change: How to Create A Sense of Urgency

The second session covered the topic of “Organizational Change: How to Create A Sense of Urgency”. The question was submitted by Greg Tutanjian, who asked:

How can we create or increase urgency for change in companies that are still mainly managed, but not led?

Interested in the conclusions our panel deliberated? Watch the video.

If you’re interesting in joining a Happy Melly Coffee discussion, check our schedule of upcoming events for dates and connection details. 

And if you’d like to network with a group of people and businesses who are dedicated to making people happier at work, join Happy Melly as a supporting member.

What burning questions would you like answered to improve productivity and employee engagement in your organization?

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