Happy Melly Explained in 5 Management 3.0 #Workout Quotes

As you all know; there’s a new book out there called Management 3.0 #Workout. Recently Jurgen wrote about the 35 best quotes from the book. They are the best for a reason; every single one of them is great (and/or funny). Still, I’d like to take a closer look at some of them and illustrate them with a couple of the best stories I told you guys on this blog.


This one sums it up pretty nicely. And for me it goes beyond creativity. Management is all about managing the system, not the people. It’s about giving workers room to find their own solutions for problems. Like Woody Zuil’s boss did at his first job. Also, this line of thinking can help you solve problems. Like what happened at Futurice where my friend Tuomas Syrjänen realized it’s not the people that were stupid, but the system.


For me, this could very well be the best quote of the book. Unbelievably simple, but very, very true. It’s important because organizations of the future will be all about happy employees as you can read right here. It’s also a central aspect in our brand WIKISPEED. Joe Justice once told me ‘happy is all I can give my employees’. Well, there are worse things to get from your boss.


Jurgen often says, ‘Management is too important to leave to managers’. Management can make or break the spirit of employees and, as I just told you guys, those employees are the future. Some companies take that at heart and made sure their workers really have a say in the whole thing. Some organizations take that a step further. My friend Søren Cosmus told me a great story about it. At his company Valtech people can actually fire their boss. How about that?


At Happy Melly, we don’t like bonuses. As Jurgen once described it, ‘A practice that has infiltrated the western business world like a pestilence in a shanty town is the annual bonus system.’ Why? Because they destroy motivation, they increase peoples stress levels and they ignore the soft side of great performances. That’s why we like other ideas, like merit money. How that works you can read right here and right here.


I would like to finish with this one. Because this is what Happy Melly is about. We are a business, we make money. And only because we do, we can go on creating happy workers. Do you want to join us? Talk to us right now!

Love and keep up the good work,


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