Happy Melly Exploration Day

We’re excited to announce the first in-person event for our virtual community. Happy Melly is proud to be a growing global business network dedicated to happiness at work and of our expansion to our own dedicated event, run our members, many of whom run many other well-known industry events.

Happy Melly Exploration Day

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EDT)

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Join us for this day of inspiring talks and practical exercisesBANNER FILE 082016 - Happy Melly updated designed to help you build a happy and engaged organization. There will be three short, inspirationally awesome talks (think TED but better) and three workshops, followed by a networking dinner. Jurgen will close the day with a keynote and then we’ll move onto drinks and dinner, which is all included in the registration.

The speakers will be none other than three of our Happy Melly founders, each bringing their own background that will hopefully inspire you to spread happiness and motivation back at work:

  • Jason Little: Our resident Canadian funder and this event’s spearhead, Jason is the founder of Lean Change Management, a series of workshops, books, stories and a new podcast, dedicated to reducing waste, increasing efficiency and creating momentum, all with innovation and change driven from the bottom, up. He also spearheads Toronto’s popular Spark the Change conference.
  • Lisette Sutherland: An American in the Netherlands, Lisette is a specialist in online collaboration, specifically running workshops, two top podcasts, a blog and a forthcoming book all toward honing each of our own Collaboration Superpowers for great remote working.
  • Jurgen Appelo: The day will conclude with the visionary who inspired the whole Melly experiment (from his hometown of Rotterdam). Jurgen is a speaker, writer and founder of the Management 3.0 brand. He recently gave his first TEDx talk in Lille, France, and his fourth book Managing for Happiness came out this Summer.

Beyond access to these great speakers and networking and workshopping with forward-thinking change makers like you, your access comes your very own copy of Managing for Happiness and Jason’s Lean Change Management.

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