HM Express the next step in the publishing revolution

5536462634_1ca050a377_bThe world of work is changing. The old paradigms don’t work anymore, a new ecosystem is growing. As Happy Melly, we are a very concrete example of what an ecosystem transformation looks like. What we do supports new businesses that help build the ecosystem we’re aiming for. This is why we are proud to present a new Happy Melly Project: HM Express.

Spreading knowledge fast


We have created a video about and started a crowd funding campaign for HMExpress. Check it out!

HMExpress Crowd Funding

As everybody knows, knowledge is power. We at Happy Melly feel that by making knowledge accessible to all, we can empower everybody to make a difference in their own lives. That, is contradicting to what the traditional publishing industry aims for. They care for blockbusters, they don’t care for ideas. And they have an ancient system to maintain, a classic Innovator’s Dilemma situation.

Self-publishing done right!

We don’t have a legacy to maintain, our aim is to encourage self-publishing in a new way. By providing services the self-publishing websites and companies that are already out there do not offer. We help curate, select, nurture and develop ideas together with the community you, as a writer, are part of. In other words; HM Express helps you to reach an audience, to find the professionals who can support you and to make the book available to everyone who is interested in the knowledge you want to share.

What are we looking for?

As Happy Melly is a business, we need to make money in order to exist. But that is not our goal. Our goal is to help people be happy at work. That means we’re not money driven, we are idea driven. We would like to start with books, but will definitely expand to articles, magazines, podcasts and other ways to communicate, educate and inform people about amazing new ways to organize the world so that we can reach the happiness we seek!

More information about HM Express will be available soon. In the meantime; keep up the good work! If you already have a book project with ideas that help people being happier at work, email us or tweet Jurgen, Lisette, Sergey, Maarten or me.Blog Footer


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