12 Ways to Be Happy

What leads to a happy life? What are the various ways to be happy? Happiness is different things to each of us, yet after doing extensive research, our founder Jurgen Appelo found this common thread:

“Happiness is something we create – it is not something to achieve. It is a path you choose, not a destination to arrive at.”

So many of us spend our time in pursuit of happiness, yet instead of searching for it, we need to find ways to live it, embrace it and implement it into our daily lives. In helping us figure out the ways to be happy, Jurgen synthesized his findings into the Management 3.0 Practice: 12 Steps to Happiness, which you can see below or download a free poster of the 12 Steps to Happiness here!

Which companies are creating a happy life for their employees by using the 12 Ways to Be Happy?

We love to share other people’s stories because happiness at work is a team effort! That’s why we’re working to share the different experiments and ways to be happy at real offices like yours!


TypeForm & Eating Well

Instead of providing an all-you-can-eat buffet, as so many big-name companies do, TypeForm offers one extremely balanced lunch a day, including a vegetarian option, and only has local fruit and water for snacks.

And look at how the company that is reinventing boring old forms brings the outside in with 720 large green plants to keep the air clean and energetic!

Also read member Sarah’s blogpost on “Eating well at work.”

And listen to Typeform’s, Head of Home Team, Gabriela Cantu, as she speaks with Happy Melly’s podcast about why their company puts so much emphasis on fostering a human connection in the workplace. How do slippers at work, plants instead of walls and having a ‘barceptionist’ all contribute to creating a unique and optimal work environment?

Mobile Jazz & Experiencing & Socializing

Why work in the same place all year round if all you need is a strong internet connection? Not only does Mobile Jazz encourage remote working (one of their employees is currently traveling around the world), they foster experiencing and socializing as much as possible. Every year the startup organizes several 1-2 month company retreats, where they rent out a villa so that everyone can work and be together. Past trips have included Bali, Thailand, the Swiss Alps and Cape Town. Bets are on as to where they’ll take off to next.

Cyberclick & Thank

“Every Monday we eat lunch together as a team and end the meal by giving an internal example of one of our values that was seen in the previous week,” says Kelly Rogan, digital marketing strategist at the startup Cyberclick. Kelly says giving thanks allows their team to always look for the positive and to live out their values every single day.

Redbooth & Hiking

Redbooth project management software has a monthly step competition. With a dangling carrot of a mere $25 Amazon gift card, they’ve sparked a healthy competition that gets teammates cheering each other on and gets a team of mostly developers out in the beautiful Californian and Spanish sun.

Read more about Redbooth’s peer-to-peer recognition program too. Also read “Nine easy ways to exercise for happiness at work or at home.”

Which ways to be happy are you and your team creating? Tell us how your business is implementing one, some or all of these 12 steps to Happiness. Share your stories (and pics!) with us at: info – at – happymelly – dot – com.

12 Steps to Happiness

Our community is counting down the 12 ways to be happy

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