How to ‘give’ a Happy Melly membership

We all know people who hate their jobs. And we all know people who would love to say ‘I love my job!’ We want job satisfaction for our friends because not only does it make them happier, maybe they’ll become more positive influences in our lives. There’s no doubt that both happiness and unhappiness are contagious.

I talk to a lot of friends who are interested in finding happiness at work. And I also have a lot of friends who are becoming managers for the first time who are determined to be good managers — but how can you be a good manager if you’ve never had one?


What’s the first thing I do? Recommend they join Happy Melly of course! This is especially true if they don’t know how to do these things and want a support group to make them happen. Now, obviously I’m biased, being both an employee of Melly and a long-term supporter, but I want them to have access to the network of people dedicated to this common goal. For me, the major benefit of the Happy Melly business network isn’t the discounts or the funders, it’s the exclusive Slack channel, where people share their experiments, triumphs and frustrations as they try to make happiness at work, work. I want these friends to have “colleagues” who are going through the same struggles and who can not only offer solutions, but — since often you just gotta get out of that situation — job opportunities.

But I could nag and nag my friends to join, but sometimes even the 15€ (price from Spain) is a bit too costly of a gamble for them. And anyway, isn’t happiness at work a really thoughtful gift? (Plus we can talk on Slack which let’s us connect during the workday without having to enter the quagmire of Facebook.) So while we will eventually find a better way to do it, the Happy Melly Team worked out how to give a membership to Happy Melly.

Happiness at Work Hack: How to ‘gift’ a Happy Melly membership

So, while it ain’t pretty, here’s the work around our teammate Patrick offered us:

  1. Know your friend’s email address.
  2. Using that address, create a basic profile for them.
  3. Pay with your credit card.
  4. Make sure to tell your friend right away who that attractive bespectacled lady is in their inbox.
  5. Encourage them to add their own social media profiles and to introduce them to the group in the #getting-to-kn0w-you Slack channel.  Or make them feel even more welcome and introduce them yourself!

Melly-Shum-hates-her-job-1024x655Note these are automatic renewals until a credit card expires. You could leave your card in there, with birthday presents in the bag for a couple years, or else you should tell your friend to update credit card info for the future.


Who will you give a membership too?

How many gifts have you given your friends that they haven’t used? How much money have you wasted? For that matter, how much time have you wasted? Depending on where you live, it’ll only set you back somewhere between 5€ and 25€, so it’s kind of a deal, particularly considering that happiness is pretty priceless.

And while we’re working on setting up corporate memberships so whole teams can join, in the meantime, isn’t this a lovely way to recognize an emerging change agent within your team? If you have a teammate that’s a natural leader, maybe give them a Happy Melly membership (or an awesome workshop with one of our funders) so they can learn more tricks and tools of the trade to spread more happiness at work (which in turn spreads productivity!)

Now how’s that for a win-win situation!Blog Footer


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This article is written by Jennifer Riggins on July 18th 2016.

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