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We are a bunch of entrepreneurs and freelancers working together for a greater good. Want to join us?


What is Happy Melly and Happy Melly One?

Happy Melly is a international network of businesses and individuals united by a shared purpose to help people be happy at work.

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Happy Melly One is the core business inside our network, owned by Jurgen Appelo, one of Happy Melly’s founders. The team has two objectives: the development of the Happy Melly network and the development of Management 3.0 — an acclaimed and pioneering approach to leadership and management.

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How do we work at Happy Melly One?

Our team is split into crews formed around specific areas of business, roughly defined borders, which help to decrease informational noise. At present we have four crews:

  • The Happy Melly crew works to grow the Happy Melly network, responsible for members and evolving the brand
  • The Happy Melly Org crew concentrates on operational tasks, such as finance flow, team happiness and growth
  • The Management 3.0 crew promotes the Management 3.0 brand, interacts with facilitators and finds new ways to guide people adopting modern management practices
  • The Management 3.0 Content crew creates inspiring colourful materials in form of videos, pictures, diagrams and articles. People around the world use these materials to become happier at work.

Each crew has a short weekly meeting, with the topics being defined upfront. Team members can choose to take part or not. The meetings are open and all team members are welcome to join at any time. We also meet each other at all hands meetings at least once per month to retrospect and enjoy our time together.

We interact extensively over Slack, post work progress updates on iDoneThis and manage task flow in Trello.

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Where will I work?

You can work from any place you find engaging and comfortable. We are a remote team. Some of us travel regularly and you will see your team members connecting from cafes, bungalows and sun loungers.

Our team members are in Belgium, Canada, USA, Finland, Russia, Spain, Slovenia and the Netherlands. It does not matter which part of the world you live, if you are willing to help others be happier at work then you’ll fit into our team.


How much will I earn?

Your income will depend on your commitment level. Commitment level is a mix of efforts, time and value you bring to the team. It is up to you to decide what amount of work is fair for a level you choose. Your commitment level is not set in stone, you can change it monthly.

Salaries are calculated by a very simple formula: (base salary) x (commitment level)%. The current base salary is EUR 3000. If your commitment level is 40% your monthly salary will be EUR 1200. There are no location parameters, we believe you should choose where you want to work, without your income having to suffer. We also do not distinguish the role you play, you don’t have to fit into a box.

All our team members are freelancers or entrepreneurs working with multiple clients. Our commitment levels scale from 20% up to 80%, you choose the level which fits your situation.

You will also use a merit money system to share your appreciation of the work of your peers. Each month you will get 100 points to distribute amongst team members. When Happy Melly One shows profit, points are converted to money, which is paid at stages during the year.


Open jobs/ roles at Happy Melly

We are looking for great people to work with us on various roles. The roles are typically not strict in any way. We expect you to do what makes you happy and what is valuable for the company.

We have no job vacancies at this time. Thank you for checking back later!

If you are currently not in a role that fits your passion, email us with some thoughts on how you could help us: We’d love to hear from you!

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