Land of the happy: welcome Happy Melly Brazil!

Alexandre Magno

Woohoo, the Brazilians are here! After the Vikings up in the North and the mates Down Under, we now have a new official entity: Happy Melly Brazil. I called my friend Alexandre Magno to talk about it. Unfortunately, due to crappy wifi that talk made only little more sense than talking to Martians. The last thing I heard was, “Don’t worry, I’ll put something on paper…..tuut tuut tuut. And before I could translate ‘oh, dear’ in Portuguese, I found a blogpost in my mailbox, please give a big hand for Alexandre!

How it all got started…

“I met Jurgen for the first time in Portugal. His presentation was about Management 3.0 and it inspired me a lot. Why? Because in the Agile field we talk a lot about ‘Individual & interactions instead of processes & tools’. But if you go to an Agile conference, most of presentations are about processes and tools. M30 puts the focus on people, teams, motivation and competences. So at my company Adaptworks we decided to organize a Management 3.0 class with Jurgen in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After that I immediately registered myself as a Licensed Trainer and started to spread the word throughout Brazil. I think I actually was the 3th or 4th Licensed Trainer, so we were there really from the start. I can assure you: Brazil completely embraces the M30 concept. We got it!”

Happy Melly Brazil

“The first time I read something about Happy Melly my reaction was, ‘It’s a crazy idea!’ My second reaction was, ‘Wow…I want to be involved!’ So that’s what we did. I think that in Brazil we have fantastic people in our community of creative workers with a lot of great ideas. Happy Melly wants to make these people happy in their jobs. Well, do you know happier people than Brazilians? 🙂 I think that creativity and happiness are the two things that Brazilians love most. They are constantly looking for it and that’s why I think there is no better place for Happy Melly to be!”

Changing the world of learning

“Our plans for Happy Melly are going in two directions. First: inside out. We are going to turn our best ideas into Happy Melly brands. With the Happy Melly network we will be able to spread these all around the world. Right now we are working on the “Learning 3.0” brand. It’s a project that contains a book, some apps and events. The purpose of Learning 3.0 is to help creative workers to discover different approaches of learning. Things that go further than boring classrooms and that are all about continuous learning. It’s all about practices for emergent learning. We’ll have great news about Learning 3.0 in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!”

The Brazilian surprise

“Second: outside in. There are emerging a lot of great brands on the Happy Melly ecosystem, like DARE and Happy Melly Express. I think ‘traditional business’ doesn’t see Brazil as the place to be when it comes to new ideas, but they are wrong! Our community wants to prove great ideas. And not tomorrow, but right now! Some ideas we will love, some we will try to improve. Whatever we do, Happy Melly Brazil will make it happen!

So we think Happy Melly in Brazil will really make a difference. And what if we fail? Well, we will always have the secrets of caipirinha and churrasco (our famous barbeque) at hand to let happy moments emerge. Why don’t you come and try it, Melly? ;-)”

Happy Melly Brazil a happy story? I think so! Keep an eye on these guys, they seem to know how to throw a party!

Love and keep up the good work,

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