Managing Change the Agile Way: Lean Change Management, The Second Book Published by Happy Melly Express

A great read and it looks cool, too!

A great read and it looks cool, too!

Of course, it’s always good to keep things realistic. But chances are Wednesday next week (October 8th, 2014) will, somewhere in the future, become a national holiday. Widely known as ‘Jason Day’. Why? Because Jason Little’s book Lean Change Management will see the light! It’s the second book by Happy Melly Express after Jurgen’s #Workout. I don’t know if it shows, but I’m a little proud.

So why is this important? Because the book really is going to help people change their organization. Jason is a writer, speaker and Agile coach and a great storyteller. Jason, what’s the book about? “Basically, it describes an approach to change management that combines ideas from different disciplines. There’s a lot of great thinking and interesting models hidden in all that boring, old stuff about management. The thing is, it’s all very poorly implemented most of the time. Additionally, now we have all these new ideas like Agile, Lean Startup and stuff like that. So, in the book I combined all of these to define what I call Lean Change Management. I also added psychology models to the Lean Change Management Mojito and wrapped it in a crazy story of how one company went through a critical transformation, and how we used the Lean Change practices in that transformation.”

Before Jason got involved with Happy Melly Express, he already published his ideas on LeanPub. I asked him how the new version is different. He answered: “pretty much everything has changed. That version was my test tube to get the ideas out, but it wasn’t very structured. With the help of professional editors I worked on the story, the structure and the writing itself. It was difficult at times; I really had get over my thin skin. On the other hand, the book is partly about learning to cope with feedback. So I did. It turned out to be a fantastic experience that made me better at what I do. Also, in order to get the readers started with applying the methods, Happy Melly Express worked with me to create additional material that is designed to help Lean Change practitioners get started right a way, with the right support.”

Getting curious? Check out the sales page for the book, or order the kindle version of the book on Amazon.

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