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Happy Melly is a Professional Happiness Association dedicated to supporting people be happy at work on a global scale. We foster connections with a like-minded community and provide access to valuable and insightful information, as well as practical tips for what it takes to lead a happy and productive life.

Happy Melly’s exclusive Resource Lounge offers members thoughtful content, curated, researched and hosted by industry experts and by our community. In the Lounge you’ll find articles, videos and seminars led by thought leaders and influencers, all focused on how to live happy, successful and fulfilling lives. You’ll also be able to engage with people of like mind who are truly dedicated to creating happy lives, both personally and professionally..

Become a member of our Professional Happiness Association and take part in the revolution to make happiness at work the ‘norm’ and not the exception.

‘Happy Melly’s community is easier and better than Google to find answers for things.’ Tomas Kejzlar, Happy Melly Member.

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