Our Story

At Happy Melly we believe that Happiness is the future of work and that we can make a living while not losing out on life. Our vibrant community of 500 Happiness Association members from 52 countries around the world strives to make happiness at work the ‘norm’ and not the exception.

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So how did this all start?

It started as an experiment. Happy Melly is the brainchild of Management 3.0 creator, Jurgen Appelo. Jurgen believed that it was possible to both love what you do and make money while doing it. On February 25th 2013, he launched Happy Melly, which has now turned into the Professional Happiness Association. We’re an entirely remote company, one that embodies the values of transparency, trust and honesty and one that’s dedicated to supporting people be happy at work while living productive, engaging and fulfilling lives.

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Who Is Melly?

The Dutch city of Rotterdam gained a focal point in 1990 when Canadian artist, Ken Lum, put up this large image of a bespectacled woman word processing at her desk alongside the text “Melly Shum Hates Her Job.” This public artwork became the inspiration for the Happy Melly founders (and our hipster logo!), wanting to help contribute to a world where unhappy workers like Melly Shum no longer exist.

More than a decade after this artwork inspired him, Jurgen recently got to meet Ken Lum in person in Philadelphia. We were also able to interview him for our Happy Melly Podcast and speak to him in-depthly about his enigmatic poster that ultimately inspired a movement.