Happy Melly’s Partners are an integral part of our Professional Happiness Association. They are our backbone, our sounding board and our inspiration for experimenting.

A Partner can be an individual or an organization and is representative of brands which are dedicated in some way to the future of work and have an international, scalable perspective. Our Partners don’t have to be the heads of their specific brands, but a representative who wants to be active in our virtual community, including joining the close-knit, supportive, proactive meetings exclusive to them.

Meet our partners

We are lucky to have an incredible team of inspirational, avant-garde, motivational and extremely knowledgeable Partners in our Global Professional Happiness Association. As Happy Melly is all about making people happy at work and in general, each of our Partners actually makes a living inspiring and encouraging people to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Our Partners Include:

Lisette Sutherland, founder, Collaboration Superpowers remote working workshops.

“Working together from anywhere”

Jurgen Appelo, founder of the Happy Melly network and Management 3.0 management workshops, author and speaker.

“Better management with fewer managers”

Giovanni Pozza, founder of FullGlass, creating and applying strategies to make life and work experiences happier

“Become happier team by team”

Vasco Duarte, founder, Happy Melly Express crowdfunded publishing house and managing partner, Oikosofy Consulting

Robie Wood, founder, Improv Agility improvisational workshops.

“Training for Agility in the Creative Economy”

Sergey Kotlov, founder, Workshop Butler, workshop management platform and Kudobox, an easy and fun way to share your appreciations and emotions with friends and colleagues.

Jason Little, founder, Lean Change Management workshops.

“Innovative Practices for Managing Organizational Change”

Alexandre Magno, founder, Learning 3.0 learning and training workshops.

“Reinventing the Way Creative Workers Learn”

Jurgen Dittmar, founder, Cocondi professional coaching agency.

Interested in joining our select team of Partners? Find out more!

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