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I have a double degree as a radiology nurse and a M Sc in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.
I've been working as a management consultant within the health care sector, both in Sweden as well as in developing countries since more than 20 years. Recent years I've been working as project manager or management for hire for different health care organisations, working with change of processes, culture, efficiency and so on.
I am presently working with a project called "attractive employer" within one of our Swedish hospitals, since we're having problems with a way to big turnaround of health care staff, and searching the internet I stumbled into Management 3.0 and Happy Melly. I realize that health care and developing IT-programmes is not the same thing, but I'm convinced that there are a lot health care employers can learn from a more agile management and creating more happy workplaces. So I'm here to get inspired and learn all I can to see what parts can be implemented into my present assignment - having a happy and engaged staff that we can attract to stay with us and also attracting others to come and work with us.

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