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With over 31 years experience as a forest ecosystem manager, natural resource planner, information technology practitioner, program manager, agile coach and business owner, Robie is focused on coaching and training to build effective and happy Agile teams and organizations that can thrive in the creative economy. Together with his brother Jody (who has 30 years experience as a Hollywood and Theater Actor, Acting Instructor and Improv Trainer), he has created ImprovAgility which is a program that uses experiential learning techniques, derived from Improvisational Theater, to provide a wonderful training experience that is fun, lively, engaging and leaves a lasting impact.

"Participants walk away from ImprovAgility workshops with improved abilities to focus, think quickly, collaborate, inspire, learn, create, make decisions, adapt, evolve and, ultimately, to be agile and happy."

Robie is the owner of showVALUE LLC and Happy Melly Studios LLC (both Virginia USA companies). showVALUE is focused on providing software development services, using distributed Agile Teams, and Agile Management coaching and training for commercial and government clients. Happy Melly Studios is focused on developing the ImprovAgility brand as well as conducting experiments to develop products that make people happy at work.

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