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Perre Viana

João Perre Viana is the founder of the Walking Mentorship and can be described as a”glass half full” type of person. Raised in Portugal during the revolutionary years, he quickly called the world his home. Finished high school in Montana, studied law by accident in Lisbon and ended up selling is first digital company to an advertising group just before the bubble burst in 2001.

Becoming a Mad Man turned out to be much better than staying in court, the best travel agency he could ever have dreamed of; first took him on a European tour (France, Germany and UK) with a pit stop to conclude an MBA in Belgium. Later, the passion for strategy, innovation and brand creation took him into Central Asia (Kazakstan), Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and Africa (Angola and Mozambique). In between more than 12 countries, living, mentoring, working and teaching at local universities.

He his an advisory board member in different organisations and also a guest lecturer at EADA in Barcelona and Lviv Business School in Ukraine. For many years he has been a business mentor at numerous pre-accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurial programs.

Bringing 15+ years of international background, João has a strong focus and experience in Change Management, Business transformation and Individual mentorship, he developed a philosophy of self-development coined Walking Mentorship. A fresh breeze to drive individual change and impact organisations from within.

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