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Paul is an experienced Agile Leader who has recently set up his own innovative Agile solutions company called KaizenXP.

He confesses that he stumbled into IT, having previously wanting to be an artist or an actor - but his inquisitive nature proved to be an ideal match for a role in testing. Paul didn't particularly enjoy being the "bearer of bad news", or, being seen as the bottleneck in a waterfall delivery model. His career path soon evolved whilst working with ThoughtWorks and he became a successful Quality Assurance analyst. He quickly realised that loving his job was possible after discovering he could contribute in positive ways to ensuring quality was inspected into the product.

Since then, he has developed a passion for building software solutions of his own and taken on a number of leadership roles. He is proud when those solutions leave a positive impact on people's lives. He is obviously fantatical about delivering quality software, but also notably he has a proven track record of establishing a lean delivery pipeline within different teams.

Paul regards himself to be incredibly fortunate to have worked closely with some extremely talented individuals spanning 10 years in IT, and would be the first person to credit them with their joint successes.

His strengths are; His ability is to turn the complicated into simple easy to understand solutions. His empathy for the end users. Sharing his passion of; UX, critical thinking, imaginative ideas, and enthusiastic approach to work.

Paul is inspired when encouraging others around him to fulfil their goals. He believes the success of the product comes down to the success of the team.

United Kingdom
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