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French born, London based, mother of 2, I am an enthusiastic consultant and coach, passionate about the topic of Happiness ... an ordinary woman living and extraordinary life!

I started my career in London in the city, then moved to Paris to join the Media Industry, set up my own project management consultancy in Paris, then in London, studied new things until I found my calling!

The rollercoaster of life and that curious mind of mine took me on the 'Science of Happiness' race at UC Berkeley and the adventure began! I am passionate about everything and anything related to happiness, so I studied Mindfulness, Meditation, Stress Management, Resilience and well-being at work.

Here I am today, running The Happiness Society, sharing tools with individuals and leaders, allowing them to unlock their potential, stand in their power and create a badass fun and creative life / work environment.

I combine different worlds in my work from the science of Happiness, Mindfulness & Meditation practices.

My unique set of skills have developed from my strong corporate background, my adventures in the creative world, and a knack for explaining contemplative neuroscience facts.

United Kingdom
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