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I had the pleasure to start a company after University and experience the excitement and growth as the business took off. My own driver was to create a company where I would like to apply for a job myself. The company grew, so did we that where there. So many opportunities. A lot of passion and happy customers. After that I wanted to learn more about rapid growth companies. I joined a consultancy company focusing on that, I mainly worked with cultural developement and value based leadership. Then a few jobs within HR, which led to the introduction of Lean organizations and other areas.
What I keep coming back to is the passion that can be (I've seen it, felt it) there and the facination that so many companies lack the ability (seen that to) to be an area where people grow and out of passion create great solutions for customers.
Now I work as a consultant again, working mainly with organizational development, looking for new perspectives and thoughts on this very interesting subject.

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