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Software Development Leader driven by delivering quality products to people, helping teams and organizations work better together with increased happiness, and evolving the craft and discipline of software.

In recent years I have been focusing heavily on helping teams with continuous improvement. While training and outside coaching are valuable, one of the most effective ways to help is to work alongside the team and coach while doing from within.

I have served people and teams as:
* Software developer, team lead, software architect, engineering manager
* Software development consultant / contractor
* Lean/Agile advocate and champion within companies
* Coach of Lean/Agile Teams using Kanban, Scrum, Technical Practices, and tools
* Trainer on developer practices including testing at all levels, test-driven development, refactoring, emergent design, continuous integration and delivery, deployment automation and DevOps
* Community user group organizer and leader
* Conference and User Group speaker
* Intra/Entre-preneur helping to start and grow businesses

* Programming: Leveraging the best features from Ruby, Java (and the JVM ecosystem), and other languages/tools
* Agile / Lean Frameworks and Practices: Kanban, Extreme Programming, Scrum, Technical Practices including Test-Driven Development, Pairing, Continuous Delivery
* Software Architecture: Software as a Service, Service Oriented Architecture, RESTful Web Architecture, Emergent Design
* Coaching and Mentoring: Agile Process and Technical Practices

Recent Professional Interests:
* Functional Languages: Especially Clojure but also Scala and Elixir
* Mobile Software and Internet of Things (looking ahead to where things are shifting, not just where they are today)

United States
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