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Born '67, started in IT somewhere in the 80's. From admin via consulting to project leadership, meanwhile PMP and PSM.
I like to work with people, to enable and engage teams, to satisfy my customers and to pass competitors. I enjoy it to try new approaches, coming forward with unusual ideas, and I'm trying to forget all the boxes, regardless of inside or outside thinking. I don't like dogmatism in frameworks, I prefer to pick the cherries which I believe will help as best. I'm absorbing new and old stuff, from Fredmund Malik to Jurgen Apello, from Jung to Tuckman, from Waterfall to Scrum.

Being PMP and Scrummaster gives me what I need to deal with the daily requests: A huge toolbox with tools and technics. Beside of these tools, inspirations and ideas from all over the world are completing my lifestyle.

Thanks for getting the chance to part of something bigger than the local scrum communities, by being a Happy Melly supporter.

Twitter: @FPaetschke
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Blog & Website planned 🙂

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