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I am a fearless and adaptive individual where delivery results and customer success is paramount. I have enjoyed Agile since its beginning.

Successfully delivered business value results for several Fortune 1000 companies during my 16 year tenure at IBM and before and after, ensuring business objectives were met for high profile mission critical investments. Examples of mission critical solutions delivered are: Case Management, CyberSecurity Solutions, Sales, Insurance Core, Web/Mobile, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing, Health Insurance, Credit Card and Payment, Bank Fraud, eCommerce/Retail and Bank applications leveraging current and emerging technology.

Currently I am the US Western Agile Delivery Lead for Matrix where I am helping clients adopt Agile and transform organizations and teams to meet business goals.

Currently I am the Executive Director of (TEMSCORP) TEMS Incorporated which provides intelligently automated application configuration integrated with environment management in our Omnium product. Omnium is the best of class solution for solving the critical problems of managing environments and DevOps during software development.

I am the founder of Impavid Consulting Inc, where I invented Impavid Agile(TM), Dark Agile (TM), and Agile Ecosystem (TM). I provide these services through Matrix.

United States
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