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Bel Klever

As member of the Agile Excellence Center (AEC) in Everis I participate as scrum master and Agile coach in several international projects in Insurance, Banking and Industry companies, specially working with distributed teams and multicultural environments.
I apply Management 3.0 techniques to introduce better management and cultural change in organizations to give a holistic solutions for companies to go to H2H models.

As part of Agile Coach role and Management 3.0 facilitator I also prepare trainings, workshops and promote cultural change in organizations.

I am also active member or NTT Data APC Network , the global Agile Professional Community.

Before, as a professional in the energy sector, over the last twelve years I developed my expertise mainly in the IT field – Project Manager and Product Owner - coordinating different IT providers and ensuring cross-team coordination - and as responsible of the area of third party access to the network (TPA). Finally, I took part in the agreements and proposals as a member of the so-called Supplier Switching Office (OCSUM in Spanish) teams.

Working inside of these very big companies gave me expertise about enterprise's culture and how important is to work to go to a different model of organizations and how difficult it could be to add changes there.

Apart from my life as “agilest” and Management 3.0 lover I enjoy trying to write a novel, running, doing fencing, dancing salsa and sailing.

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