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Mark Rehberg is a specialist for enablement and training in the area of Agile, Lean and Innovation.
He is a Certified Kanban Trainer at Lean University, Management 3.0 Facilitator, Scaled Agile Program Consultant as well as Professional Scrum Trainer at
His vision is to make content and knowledge transfer more perceptible and palpable especially when in a classroom environment.
“My goal is, to stimulate enthusiasm for things that make sense, so people are highly motivated to experiment with new learnings in their work-, but in their private environments as well.”
Mark has his strengths in transferring his own passion, so sparks can jump over to the people. Besides, his experience of big client transformations from conventional methods towards more agile environments helps him to deal with complex situations.
Currently he is operative at Kegon, a consulting company, where he builds a community of a high quality Agile Trainer community and experiments on concepts how to better convey knowledge into understanding and real ability.

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