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Oliver Monneke is a ScrumMaster at REWE Digital in Cologne, Germany. His main tasks are enabling new Scrum teams, train new employees in agile mindset and methods and coaching existing teams in a scaled environment. He coaches Product Owners to help them on their way to become more autonomous and helps the company on its way to become a product company.

In his apprenticeship as a Softwaredeveloper in 2000 he got in touch with agile methods for the first time in 2002.

After successfully completing the apprenticeship he started to work in a web agency and worked in a classic project management environment.

Afterwards at onOffice Software GmbH he was responsible for the content management system in a product organization and used short feedback cycles for developing a website tool kit. Collaboration was used to improve communication between different departments.

In the University Hospital of Cologne he implemented many Software solutions regarding statistics and patient management. Working on the same level as the middle management gave him the opportunity to change the way the management was working. He started coaching new employees in different departments.

Oliver took the chance to work at Prowareness in Düsseldorf. He helped companies on their way to become more agile as an Agile Coach and Technical Change Consultant but he realized he wants to work more with the teams than with the management.

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