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Hi, I have been consultant all my career, mostly some form of analyst or coaching colleagues. I have always been interested in doing things the human and sensible way. The last years some voice inside has started pushing louder and louder to finally start doing the things I like more and the things I love and mean something to me. So I took the opportunity when presented to get scrum training and become scrum master. I love going to agile related workshops. Recently I came into contact with James Priest and S3. Very interesting again to explore that. I will participate in a Management 3.0 training. Very exited about it. All those things just feel so right 🙂 My goal is to make my job one of coach and trainer to work with people and help them get the best out of theirselves and the team. So when I came along HappyMelly I figured it fit my goals and values. I'm getting towards that goal step by step as CSM, CSPO, CSP.

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