Always Be Kind: How random acts of kindness share your company values

As Jurgen’s blogpost last week already talked about, the Happy Melly Team has discovered our three core values:

  • Dare to be bold.
  • Always be kind.
  • Make it creative.

In the blogpost, we added our own improv photos of what we see as the we thought symbolized “Dare to be bold.” and “Make it creative.” (Of course, these topics are easier to get creative and to act bold with.) We decided that, especially in these increasingly negative and troubling times, “Always Be Kind” deserved its own blogpost (or 20!) because it is at the core of any happiness, both shared and self-possessed.

And after Americans binge-eating on Thursday and the whole world binge-shopping Friday through Sunday, we thought what better day to focus on symbols and random acts of kindness than on Cyber Monday — the day we’re all supposed to be binge-shopping online?

First, symbols of kindness crowdsourced from our membership, then we will dive into some small ways to send some big love, and, finally, of course, we will end with a call-to-action to ask you to share with us your symbols of kindness and your tips for RAOKs that we can do today and throughout the new year!

What does the mantra “Always be kind” look like?

They always say actions speak louder than words. Here are some examples from everyday life that exemplifies “Always be kind.”


“A woman at the airport randomly helping another lady who was crying” captured by Sam.

random act of kindness

“The fifth year in a row my wife organizes and helps out at the twice-a-year “mercadillo” for children to raise a bit of money to help these nuns picking up young girls from the streets in the Philippines and housing and teaching them,” captured by Patrick.

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Random acts of kindness are often small but always impactful. Below we see the impact on the audience of a generation. And then we see just as an important impact on an individual.


“I have always loved this photo and the powerful message it sends,” said member Mark “AgileMinder” of this iconic Vietnam War image of Flower Power. The photo was borrowed from Wikipedia and taken by Bernie Boston in 1967.


“Listening to my brother. The act is listening with the intent to understand and not to reply,” captured by Sam’s family.

The importance isn’t on how many people it affects or how public your RAOK is. The importance comes from the act and the intention of kindness itself. And don’t forget, sometimes we need to remember to offer ourselves the intentional kindness of others.

And are you having a rough week? Losing faith in humanity lately? When you are in public — maybe in the stressful holiday shopping rush, maybe in the stressful commute home from work — a good mindful practice is to consciously look around to try and spot random acts of kindness hidden in plain sight of your everyday life.

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Some random acts of kindness you can try today

OK, it’s Cyber Monday, one in a string of days of sales and ploys for your pennies. How can we, instead of spending money, spend time on others, both online and off? Here are some random acts of kindness that take a few minutes and really leave an impact:

  1. Say thank you! You can perform this action publicly by writing a kudo or note of thanks and displaying it at your office, favorite coffee shop or anywhere else someone deserves recognition. Of course social media is a great way to publicly or privately give thanks to someone you care about, like tweeting a kudo.
  2. Send a pizza! Lisette offers 53 ways to recognize remote employees and colleagues, including sending a pizza, the yummiest of ROAKs.
  3. Share a story! This Weekly Happiness Challenge is our second week focused on Giving — because that’s how important we think that is, since giving is intrinsically linked to happiness at work and in life. If you sign up for our Happy Melly newsletter, you will receive our first-ever Happy Melly Community Book: “The Art of Giving Storybook” this week. It’s filled with stories from Happy Melly members talking about the different ways you can give. Interestingly enough, most of the stories don’t involve any sort of transaction or physical gift, but these random acts of kindness clearly impacted the authors.
  4. Buy coffee! “Wandered into this lovely cafe this morning feeling pretty ordinary to be told my coffee was paid forward!! Turned my day around.” This was taken from a friend’s status message. By simply buying someone a warm drink — whether it’s the person behind you in line at Starbucks or someone outside asking for help — you can really brighten someone’s day. And you can do it anonymously or obviously. Either way, your day will probably be brightened just knowing.



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Now, of course, it’s your turn. Have you been the giver or receiver of an epic or small random act of kindness? How will you close out 2016 with a little more joy? Tell us in the comments below or in the #giving channel of our exclusive Happy Melly Slack communityBlog Footer


  1. It’s easy to get caught up all of the tasks of a typical day and miss out on these opportunities. That being said, it’s not difficult spend a few moments helping a random stranger.

    Comment by Gary on January 23, 2017 at 2:00 AM

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