Recommended Reading: Research on happiness at work and in life

screenshot-2016-09-09-15-05-32One of the main benefits of joining our global business network is our Happy Melly Slack community. It brings together our more than 350 members (and growing!) along with a few hundred of the facilitators and coaches from our brands, for a virtual community dedicated to uncovering the secrets to happiness at work. We have a number of channels where all kinds of interesting conversations go on. (The screenshot just shows A through R…)

The quantity of channels allows our members to join and participate in topics of their own interest, and even create channels of their own!

Here are highlights from the past week from one of our more popular Slack channels #recommended-reading where Happy Melly members share not just articles they think are interesting, but any media that shares lessons learned from other companies’ experiments. Read it to get some great ideas, as well as to get to know some of our awesome members!

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