At Happy Melly we don’t just talk about being happier at work, we actually do something about it. Through our Happy Melly Web-Shop you’ll be able to try a mix of happiness products that have been founded, designed and created by the Sponsors of our Professional Happiness Association.

Happy Melly’s Sponsors are successful, innovative entrepreneurs who have launched thriving businesses all with the goal of living happy and fulfilling lives. Their products reflect the values and philosophies of their endeavours and have been helping thousands of people increase their own happiness at work.

Have a look at what our Sponsors are offering.

Collaboration Supercards

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s going on in a video call or it’s hard to interrupt someone who is already talking. Now, when people are on mute or frozen, let them know with virtual meeting cards!

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“Enough! Let’s Move On”

Everyone has been in a meeting where someone went on too long and it was difficult to interrupt. An ELMO card is a friendly, visual sign that shows you get the point and are ready to move on.

This is a great facilitation technique for any workshop or meeting, online and in person!

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