Show your Melly Pride

stickersWe’re trying to radically change the future of work and make job satisfaction the new norm. Happy Melly does no traditional advertising and the vast majority of our members join from word of mouth.

We need your help in spreading our positive message. Why not show off your own commitment to joy with a Happy Melly sticker or t-shirt?

Stickers and t-shirts

You can choose from a variety of stickers from and order in quantities from one to many!

And you can “build your own” wearables via

cafepressHelp us spread the happiness at work movement. (Happy Melly One BV does not make any profit off of any of these items.)

Design your own

Did you design your own Melly swag? Send us an email at info-at-happymelly-dot-com and we’d be happy to consider including it on this page!

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