Social Media Positivity Week

I solemnly swear I am up to only good…

A lot of people are saying that we are entering a dark time in our world. At Happy Melly, we believe there’s still hope. And while social media has made that world smaller and more interconnected than ever, social networking has fractured our networks too, so often plagued with negativity. Instead of focusing on FOMO* let’s make YOLO** a priority.

For just one week, why not just be positive? Sign our pledge below as part of your public commitment to a week of social media negativity abstinence and see if it makes other parts of your world positive too!

What do we mean? Of course not posting anything negative, but also:

  • not sharing anyone else’s negativity
  • not liking or reacting at all (even with a sad face) to someone else’s negativity
  • searching for the positive if something negative occurs (and think about sharing that bright side!)
  • no passive aggressiveness or backhanded compliments
  • no ‘sad’ or ‘angry’ reactions or emojis on anyone’s posts
  • no self-deprecating either! try to stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts about yourself in response to what you see online
  • this includes all social networks, public, private and professional

And it’s not just individuals but whole companies are joining our experiment too! Does your whole team want to commit? Contact us at info-at-happymelly-dot-com to get involved and your logo showing your commitment!

Join us in positivity!

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We, the undersigned, pledge to make an effort to be positive on all forms of social media for one week

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  1. Sam Mednick, Spain
  2. Hannu, Finland
  3. Jennifer Riggins, United Kingdom
  4. Patrick, Spain
  5. Alexandre Thibault, France
  6. Matthieu Lechevalier, France
  7. Peter Kerschbaumer, Spain
  8. Alex Chiritescu, Sweden
  9. Gábor Juhos, Hungary
  10. Giovanni Pozza, Italy
  11. Nikoletta Tatár, Hungary
  12. Diana Jones, Canada
  13. Beatriz Suárez, Spain
  14. Voranc Kutnik, Slovenia
  15. Mariah Quesada, Spain
  16. Mike Leber, Austria
  17. Lisette Sutherland, Netherlands
  18. Sjoerd Kranendonk, Netherlands
  19. Louise Brace, Spain
  20. Tina Sjöstrand, Sweden
  21. Carol Byrne, Spain
  22. Diana Berryman, Spain
  23. Elle Draper, Spain
  24. Jason Little, Canada
  25. Janet Kennedy, United States
  26. Alan Buhler, United States
  27. David Sherrod, United States
  28. Jurgen Appelo, Netherlands
  29. Pierre Rasmussen, Sweden
  30. Damien Selosse, France
  31. Cristian Soto, Bolivia
  32. Sergey Kotlov, Russia
  33. Steve Phillips, Spain
  34. Kornel Jenei, Spain
  35. Leslie Bauman, United States
  36. Andrii Pavliukov, Ukraine
  37. Mariana Rego, United States
  38. Ian Borges, Brazil
  39. Maarten Koopmans, Netherlands
  40. Dolores Arias-Duval, Spain
  41. Bianca, Germany
  42. Carl Spies, South Africa
  43. Margot van Brakel, Netherland
  44. Diana Mongelos, Spain
  45. Robie Wood, United States
  46. Dave Thomas, Spain
  47. Winny van Buuren, Netherlands
  48. Carolien Van Dooren, Netherlands
  49. Roger Saner, South Africa
  50. Rob Aston, England
  1. Rafael Silva, Venezuela
  2. Jade Forester,UK
  3. Bianca Barone, Italy
  4. Milly Toovey, Netherlands
  5. Marina Planells, Spain
  6. Renata Livramento, Brazil
  7. Tamara Martinsek, USA
  8. Renata Livramento, Brazil
  9. Jude Honeymoon, UK
  10. Adriana Freitas, Spain
  11. Yoris Linhares, United States
  12. Michael Tardiff, United States
  13. Joanna Clark, UK
  14. Alan Egan, Denmark
  15. Ali Meehan, Spain
  16. Gabriela Polanco, Spain
  17. Mark Williamson, UK
  18. Antonio Ruiz, Mexico
  19. Angela Manfroi, Brazil
  20. Lilian Fabiane Coelho Magalhães, Brazil
  21. Norah Yeomans, UK
  22. Sandrine Carloni, Belgium
  23. Renata Generoso, Brazil
  24. Zoe Flint, UK
  25. Gabriela Rossi, Germany
  26. Basile Hamon, Barcelona
  27. Alex Rivers, Spain
  28. John Wolfendale, Spain
  29. Sabrina Accalai, UK
  30. DaretoCare Youth Gathering, Netherlands
  31. Nicoletta Valerio, Italy
  32. Tomas Kejzlar, Czech Republic
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Ready to really commit? Share your commitment on social media with hashtag #GoPositive and a link to your pledge! Or challenge your friends!

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*FOMO stands for ‘fear of missing out’. The anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening someone else, usually felt by looking at your friend’s super cool vacation pics on Facebook or Instagram.

**YOLO stands for ‘you only live once’, and is the social networking revamp of ‘carpe diem’.

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