Team Awesome

We like to believe Happy Melly can be found anywhere people are smiling at their day job. While we are still far from that ideal, Happy Melly is a completely global and distributed team of people dedicated to spreading joy.

Meet the people who work to help others to be happy at work and make Happy Melly successful.

Chad Geran

Chad is our creative bottleneck. Developing illustrations, icons and diagrams that make our products more interesting, attractive and easier to understand. He constantly looks for new ways to disrupt the workflow. Taking care of his two kids is one way!

Hannu Heljala

Our Web-Craftsman, implementing new features on Happy Melly and Management 3.0 websites and improving existing ones. He likes surfing and as a true Northman, he spends autumn surfing in the warm waters of Bali.

Jennifer Riggins

Our Digital Marketing brain, spreading the news about Funders, Happy Melly and Management 3.0; growing the network and increasing SEO. She supports funders through awesome content and marketing, helping their businesses flourish. She loves wine and cheese.

Jurgen Appelo

Our self-proclaimed Emperor with almost no power and many responsibilities. He formally represents Happy Melly and Management 3.0 to the outside world, brilliantly encourages the rest of the team to do good work. The best way to start a discussion with him: buy him a caffe latte.

Lisette Sutherland

Our Zookeeper, encouraging conversation and connection between teammates, taters (that's facilitators to you), Funders, and Supporters. She keeps everyone and everything organised and regularly updated. She is a remote work junky.

Patrick Verdonk

Our community gardener loves keeping people happy. Welcoming and onboarding new members of the Happy Melly community; making sure they stay informed, encouraging conversation and sharing lots of great stuff. Organizer of our Happy Melly Coffee sessions and experiments motivator.

Sam Mednick

Our storyteller and social media hero, she brings people’s experiences to life and spreads Happy Melly’s glow and message across multi-media platforms. Sam loves fusing traveling with journalism and is a wine aficionada.

Sergey Kotlov

Our Sceptical Megamind, challenging ideas and unproved assumptions, taking care of internal platforms and travelling around the world in search of companies with heart and soul. Always nagging the team about task boards and metrics and does nothing to make it better.

Voranc Kutnik

Product owner of the Happy Melly brand, Management 3.0, and guardian of their global network of facilitators. His role is to tell the world what Management 3.0 is all about and support the facilitators in the delivery of successful events.

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