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Happy Melly loves KudosToday is Friday, and that’s a great day to do all kinds of stuff. At work you can clean up the mess before the weekend. You can write that report that has been lurking in the corner of your mind the whole week. You can also choose the unhealthy snacks from the canteen for once. You could just take the day off and take your kids to the zoo. Or yourself to the movies. But today is also the perfect day to send someone a token of appreciation.

You can write a personal note, but hey, it’s 2014 so I have a better plan: use our cool Kudo Box application. It’s so easy to use! Even my ghostwriter figured it out in one go. And he’s rather thick on the technical side 😉

The tool is created by my own Chief Technical Officer Sergey Kotlov, so I asked him about it.

Melly: “Eh, what is it?”
Sergey: “It’s a tool you can use to show your appreciation for someone by sending a card and sharing it on Twitter.”

M: “Cool. When did you came up with the idea?”
S: “I don’t remember, but it was more than a year ago. I had had to work at Happy Melly for a few months before I actually decided I was ready for it.”

M: “Why did you build it?”
S: “It’s just a great way to make people smile. It really is an amazing feeling when you see people react to the card through Twitter, saying ‘You’ve made my day!’

If you want my advice, go check it out and say thanks to someone yourself. And just for the record, any day is a good day to hand out kudos! Do you like more kudo-stuff? Here’s an article about them and here you can find some cool Kudo Cards.

Love and keep up the good work

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This article is written by Vasco Duarte on February 14th 2014.

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