The first Happy Melly Stakeholder Huddle

Yesterday, the first Happy Melly Huddle took place. As representatives of all stakeholders Johan Nyberg, Ángel Medinilla, Jurgen Appelo and Erik Gille met on Skype. Mischa Ramseyer couldn’t make it unfortunately. During this first Huddle, there where some important topics to discuss.

Suggested new brands

We started with voting on a couple of ‘new’ brands (we talked about two of them before on this blog, but they’re now semi-official). The results:

– DARE (the event brand) 4 positive votes – accepted as an official Happy Melly brand

– Happy Melly Express (the publishing brand) 3 positive votes and 1 neutral vote – accepted as an official Happy Melly brand.

– Collaboration Superpowers (a new brand that is all about collaboration) 3 positive votes and 1 neutral vote – accepted  an official Happy Melly brand with a note: it must become very clear what the difference is between Collaboration Superpowers and Management 3.0.

-Business XL/XS (a new brand that is all about involving top management) – not accepted yet. Before it’ll be ready, it must become clear what steps are necessary when it comes to how to reach vs. how to convince the target audience. There also might be a different approach needed towards XL (big traditional business) and XS (small fast-growing business). There’s going to be an experiment, after that we will vote on it again.

(New brands must also be accepted in a Gathering of legal entities. Then they will be “official”.)

Voting for the CEO

Although Jurgen has been acting as Happy Melly’s “acting” CEO, according to the Happy Melly Constitution the stakeholders have a say in this.

Votes for Jurgen as CEO, 3x yes + 1 neutral (Jurgen himself obviously) – accepted.

Jurgen will be CEO until a. he resigns or b. the stakeholders vote for another CEO. As a side effect, he will no longer be able to vote in coming Huddles or Gatherings.


After talking about the purpose of this Huddle: representing the interests of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, facilitators, freelancers, entity owners) we representatives decided to get together again whenever we see a need, as is in line with how Happy Melly is organized.Blog Footer


  1. Despite the fact, that I wasn’t present at the first Huddle, I would have voted as the majority did. Completely in line.

    Comment by Mischa Ramseyer on July 24, 2013 at 10:57 AM

  2. No quotisen this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

    Comment by Maryland on December 30, 2016 at 6:15 PM

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