What is it like to work at Happy Melly? Meet Linda, our traveling designer

Linda, Happy Melly designerA while ago I wrote about remote working. This quote pretty much sums up the conclusion: ‘Work is not a place where you go. Work is something you do’. This week I’d like to share the story of Linda Hirzmann with you guys. She’s a graphic designer who’s living proof to that. Linda actually has done some amazing jobs for me. She not only designed all materials for Management 3.0, but also for Dare. She also designed all Happy Melly stuff (including my fabulous looking logo!) And she did all that while travelling in some amazing places all over Asia.

Changing her life

For Linda, 2013 was quite the year. She started with going to India for a couple of weeks. There she realized her old life just wasn’t her anymore, so she decided to change things. Let me rephrase that: she decided to change everything. She split up with her boyfriend (no worries, they are still friends and he’s happy with his new girlfriend), she gave up her house, got all her friends a nice, big box of clothes and took off to India again. And then to Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. Not on a holiday, but just to see what living on the road meant for her. So she took her laptop and her work with her.

Best and worst part

I asked her what she liked most and which parts were hard. “The worst part? Let’s say my working station wasn’t always ‘office-proof’ in comfort terms. The best parts obviously the weather and the view. Yes, there were lonely moments, but that’s part of traveling. And I always realized that what I did really was what I liked to do most.” For now Linda is back in the Netherlands for a couple of weeks. But the next trip, this time to Iran and/or Australia, is being planned. After that she will see. She would really like to have some sort of home base in the Netherlands. While traveling the world at least a couple of months of the year. Warning, the following photos might get you jealous (click the photos to see them in full glamour).


The office in India. Quite gray.

Bali 1

Bali. Terrible if you don’t like bamboo

Bali 2

Bali again. See how the beautiful temple ruins the view?

Japan 2

Bah, green coffee in Japan. And no place for your lunch.


No chair, horrible!

No chair, horrible!

Great weather, bah.

It’s a complete disaster to work in great weather

Love and keep up the good work,

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